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The Soma Healthcare Academy training programs offer an extensive curriculum designed to prepare carers for a successful career in the healthcare industry. Our courses are meticulously crafted to cover essential skills such as emergency response, patient handling, and disease-specific care, ensuring that each carer is not only certified but also compassionate and competent. We emphasize ongoing professional development and support, providing our carers with continuous learning opportunities to stay abreast of the latest in healthcare advancements and best practices.

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  • Safeguarding
  • Health & Safety
Understanding your role & personal development

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  •  This training module helps carers understand their responsibilities and the expectations of their role within the healthcare setting. It emphasizes the importance of adherence to professional standards and ethical practices.
  • Trainees are introduced to the frameworks and policies that govern their work, ensuring they understand how to align their day-to-day activities with the overall goals of our agency.
  • The course also focuses on the significance of their role in the lives of service users, reinforcing the impact of their dedication and care.
  • Carers are encouraged to engage in ongoing learning and professional development to enhance their skills and adapt to evolving care practices.
  • This segment includes setting personal goals, accessing training resources, and receiving regular performance feedback to foster growth and improvement.
  • We provide pathways and support for further qualifications and specializations, enabling carers to excel in areas of their interest within healthcare.
Duty of care & 

Equality and Diversity

  • Our duty of care training ensures that all carers understand their legal and ethical obligations to act in the best interests of those they care for.
  • It covers how to manage risks effectively, make informed decisions, and take appropriate action to prevent harm.
  • Trainees learn about the importance of maintaining a safe environment for both service users and themselves.
  •  This module trains carers to provide respectful and effective care across diverse populations, recognizing and valuing each individual’s differences.
  • It includes strategies for overcoming prejudice and discrimination, ensuring services are accessible and equitable.
  • Discussions and role-playing are used to demonstrate how to adapt communication and care approaches to meet diverse needs and cultural expectations.

  • Respect for privacy and dignity is fundamental in healthcare, and this training ensures that carers understand how to maintain professionalism in all aspects of their role.
  • Strategies are provided for supporting service users in a way that respects their personal space and confidentiality.
  • The importance of obtaining consent and respecting service users’ choices is highlighted throughout the module.

Work in a Person-Centred Way

  •  Effective communication techniques are taught to ensure clear and compassionate interactions between carers and those they support.
  • This includes verbal and non-verbal communication skills, active listening, and the appropriate use of technology to enhance communication.
  • Carers also learn how to handle sensitive information and communicate effectively with family members and other healthcare professionals.
  •  Carers learn to tailor their approach based on the personal preferences, history, and needs of each service user.
  • The training emphasizes the importance of promoting service users' independence and involving them in decision-making about their care.
  • Techniques for building positive relationships that empower individuals and respect their autonomy are central to this module.

You can make

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